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Our experience in gastronomy over the years in combination with quality and quick service had been the motive to start our own tavern and offer our customers Greek Traditional cuisine and International as well.

We are open all year round, from early in the morning, with a variety of breakfasts, coffees etc and in the afternoon until late at night we serve delicious meals. You can choose between:

Cooked - Oily

Mousaka - Pastitsio - Stuffed - Briam - Imam - Chicken with peppers - Spaghetti - Meat with pasta cooked in the oven - Green beans - Kidney - Beans - Browned beef cooked with tomatoes - Beef cooked with lemons.


Lambs - Kid - Liver - Grilled pork meat - Grilled lamb meat (it's worth trying) - Broiled chicken - Gyros.

Fresh food

Lamb chops - Small spit (pork) - Small spit (chicken) - Schnitzel (chicken) - Schnitzel (pork) - Beef steak - Beef steak (stuffed with cheese) - Beef cutlet - Pork cutlet - Sausage.


Greek salad - Tomato and cucumber salad - Herbs - Aubergine salad (of our production) - Salad with hot cheese - Garlic sauce - Tzatziki (of our production) - Feta cheese - Fried cheese - Fried peppers - Fried marrows - Fried aubergine.

Wine and Raki are of our production...